Management Structure:

STTC has 11 members of Governing Body and 7 members of Executive Committee who are elected for 5 years. The Executive Director of the executive body is responsible for preparing and documenting all activities. S/he is reported to the general body.

General Committee:

General Committee is the highest body of STTC. It holds the supreme authority in the organization. Presently, the General Committee has a total number of 11 members. The General Committee elects an Executive Committee for a period of five years. The General Committee meets once a year. But if necessary, it can summon emergency meeting.

Executive Committee:

The organization has a 7-member Executive Committee. The members of the general committee elect members of this committee for the period of five years. It performs all responsibilities on behalf of the General Committee. The EC sits once in a quarter to look after the activities of the organization and takes necessary decisions.

Advisory Committee:

There is a provision in the constitution of SKUS for an advisory committee. The advisory committee consists with 3 members. The executive committee appoints the members of such committee. Its function is to advise the Executive Committee and the Executive Director.

Expertise of STTC:

STTC has good track record working with GOB, national and international development agencies and multilateral/bi-lateral donors as a development partner and services providers since 2008. Over the years from it inception SKUS have gain many technical expertise. Expertise and experiences of STTC are as follows-

  1. STTC directly project implementing with different ministry particularly Ministry Education, and Social Welfare ministry. Ministry of manpower

  2. STTC have good working relation private sectors like BGMEA and garments factories.